The 17 Trendiest Hotel Brands
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12 Aug The 17 Trendiest Hotel Brands
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Parent Company: The OE Collection was thought up by Loews and chairman Jonathan Tisch during a long meeting about the future of the hotel industry. Seeing themselves as a collection of brands, as opposed to a brand collection, Loews is giving its partners greater independence and shorter management contracts so the hotels don’t feel burdened by the name. The name is actually two forms of wordplay, as the OE Collection will offer the “core” of Loews, as well as “original experiences.”

The Unique Twist: Feeling that a lifestyle, boutique hotel held more appeal to the upcoming market than a static model, the company decided on a brand of hotels that would adapt to each environment, fully tapping into the culture of the city—whether it be a nightlife or wine-focused environment. The brand is also appealing to multiple demographics, including Millennials and business travelers by focusing on a high degree of service.

Unique Amenities: There are no locations open yet, but Loews is promising that potential customers will be able to not only make their reservation in a traditional way (by phone or email), but will even be able to make a reservation through Twitter.

Locations: The Collection just made an agreement with Toronto’s Bisha Hotel and Residences (pictured), which is owned by nightclub and restaurant owner Charles Khabouth. The Bisha has about 100 rooms, 300 condo units, a 24-hour café, a bar, two restaurants and an open roof. The Bisha is planning on opening in 2016.

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