Lifetime Developments

Bisha will be defining and inspiring for Toronto.

– Sam Herzog, Principal

For more than thirty years, led by Principals Sam Herzog and Mel Pearl, Lifetime Developments has been recognized for both its design
innovation, and the transformational impact of its projects.
Lifetime has the foresight to know which land to develop, the vision to select neighbourhoods across the Greater Toronto Area which are poised to
thrive, and the development expertise to create environments where people chose to ‘embrace life’, and not just simply ‘live’.

Among Lifetime’s major projects are the prestigious new Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences, WaterParkCity, X2 Condos, Lumiere, M5V,
Liberty Market Building, Liberty Market Lofts and The Yorkville Condominiums. Each of these properties has sought to compliment and embrace their surrounding neighbourhoods. More than just steel and glass or bricks and mortar, Lifetime Developments enjoys a well-earned reputation for design excellence, and is committed to a hands-on philosophy in attention to detail and the highest standards of quality environments.


From conception to completion, Lifetime has always been about doing something different, to enhance, enchant and invigorate both lives and
neighbourhoods. In Bisha, Lifetime is once again creating an environment that you will be proud to call ‘home’.

Bisha will be our ultimate form of expression.

– Mel Pearl, Principal


I now realize…my dreams have always been Bisha.

– Charles Khabouth, CEO

You would expect a teenager (named “Bisha”), who spent 19 hours from Lebanon to Cyprus in a fishing boat designed for ten people but holding 80,
to appreciate a few things about space and environment.


Charles now holds the keys to the kingdom of style in Canada and with multiple international interior design awards, he is the creator of Toronto’s
leading restaurants and clubs such as Ultra, Koolhaus, The Guvernment, Dragonfly and This is London. In conjunction with Liberty Entertainment
Group, Charles has been behind Spice Route and Tattoo Rock Parlour, as well as Ame- a partnership with Rubino Restaurants. His out of the
box ideas and determined point of view have set the foundation and fueled the aspiration for a thriving hospitality industry in downtown Toronto.
While his list of partners have included the likes of The Beatles and Cirque Du Soleil, his smart and strategic instinct for trendsetting,
has earned him a revered spot amongst Canada’s elite as a transformer who has changed the face of entertainment and built INK to be
one of the country’s most reputable companies.


With an innate sense of, and passion for, style, music, fashion, art and cuisine, Charles creates and resides at the cutting edge of lifestyle
emporiums. He knows Toronto, the hospitality world and what people expect. Attracting the best to the best while always looking ahead
for the progressive, savouring the exclusive, and preaching the hip.


Bisha will be the evolution of his 30 years of a worldwide cultural journey; a fusion of form, function, design and decadence, his renowned
taste driving the unique esthetic of Bisha and his dream, one that came true for Toronto.

Wallman Architects

A blank canvas stimulates the most creative art, and multi-award winning architect Wallman Architects Ltd. was given just that to
design Bisha. The result is the freedom of expression that is statement architecture at its very best.
Captivating by its dramatically-lit fins, Bisha will be a defining structure on the Toronto skyline and unique amongst its crew-cut
neighbours. Its residents and guests are privileged and unique, the design complementary.


“We knew very well the statement Lifetime and INK were creating with the concept of Bisha,” says Rudy Wallman. “And we knew our
design had to deliver for the flagship property of the worldwide Bisha brand of private residences and boutique hotels.”


Already the creators of some of Toronto’s most innovative condominium designs, Wallman has crafted Bisha as a magnetic destination
centred in its city, and pleasing to every sense.

Bisha will be statement architecture, in its truest form.

– Rudy Wallman, Principal

Studio Munge

Bisha’s interior design is a celebration of passion and indulgence.

– Alessandro Munge, Principal

The award winning design team at Studio Munge provides inspirational interiors with the use of exquisite materials, luxurious textures, and opulent
furnishings that accentuate the glamour, elegance, and sensuality of Bisha. Together with longtime clients INK Entertainment and Lifetime Developments, Studio Munge imagines Bisha as an irresistable destination, where every moment matters, and where every detail is designed with purpose and poise.


“Bisha’s interior design conveys its brand,” says Sai Leung. “That rare feeling of luxury, cool, and intrigue characterizes the experience at Bisha.”
Artisans with an uninhibited palette, Studio Munge’s creative canvas has stretched from Toronto’s high-rise condominiums, to exclusive residences in Hawaii and Hollywood Hills, to luxury hotel properties and signature restaurants around the world.


With passion stemming from an innate design sensibility and experience through worldwide travels, Studio Munge’s design reflects the fusion
of homegrown dignity with an international flair, re-invented as ‘Bisha’.

Kravitz Design Inc.

Kravitz Design Inc. was founded by Renaissance man and legendary music icon Lenny Kravitz in 2003. Focusing on residential, commercial, product conception and design, the team encompasses a diverse group of creative professionals that have executed a variety of projects throughout the world. Kravitz Design touts a portfolio of noteworthy ventures, with a range that includes chandeliers for Swarovski Crystal Palace Collection, suites at the SLS Hotel and the two-story penthouse recording studio at the Setai Hotel and Residences. Most recently Kravitz Design Inc. has undertaken the creative vision for the Downtown Miami 47-story bay front tower condominium project, Paramount Bay.

One of my passions is creating unique environments that people can interact with

– Lenny Kravitz

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