Kravitz to bring a touch of soul to Toronto hotel Bisha
| The Toronto Star

28 Nov Kravitz to bring a touch of soul to Toronto hotel Bisha
| The Toronto Star

When Lenny Kravitz isn’t touring the globe, filling stadiums and living the life of a pampered rock star, he’d rather be shopping for furniture.

Or looking at wallpaper. Or checking out carpet. Seriously.

The 47-year old, seven-time Grammy Award-winning rocker has been commissioned for his first Canadian assignment: Designing a 10,000 square foot floor at Toronto’s Bisha Hotel and Residences in the city’s entertainment district.

“It’s going to be plush and lush and comfortable and inspiring,” says the musician in a phone interview from Croatia, where he is on a European tour. “It’s going to be warm, it’s going to be soulful. It has to be elegant and sexy the moment you get off that elevator.”

Kravitz known for his ’70s esthetic — think Badass Serpico with an extra helping of Shaft — admits that he’s not at the top of mind when people think of interior designers. Visions of shag carpeting that you could take a lawn mower to, and Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch as a muse come to mind.

But Kravitz says that’s not him.

“That’s a stereotype that needs to be broken,” says Kravitz. “People still think I wear boas, but I haven’t worn that stuff forever. But you can get stuck with an image. Rock and roll can also be very elegant and sophisticated. It’s an attitude. It’s Mick Jagger in the back of a Bentley in a three-piece suit with Bianca.”