Can club king Charles Khabouth conquer the hotel business?


29 Oct Can club king Charles Khabouth conquer the hotel business?

Charles Khabouth has a recurring vision—his personal castle in the sky—of a big, elegant supper club that morphs into a dance club over the course of an evening. A place where a sophisticated clientele can eat dinner, then stay and party.

Or better yet, they’d stay the night too: “At the end of the rainbow, I always thought I would like to get into the hotel business,” says Khabouth. “It en-compasses everything I do. You can put a club in a hotel, a restaurant, a bar. It’s a total lifestyle package.”

You’d think Khabouth could make it happen with a snap of his fingers now that he’s 30 years into a star- and success-studded career that has proven without a doubt that he is a genius of tastemaking. The 54-year-old CEO of Toronto-based Ink Entertainment made his name as the city’s king of clubs. Lately, after a long haul, he’s also emerged as one of its champion restaurateurs. He’s tried to make the resto-club hybrid work many times, getting ever closer. Now he’s venturing into the hotel part of his dream, too.